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Baker Beam retired in 1993, but his appreciation for the finer points of bourbon runs as deep as ever. When he first started at the distillery, he worked the night shift. He showed up on a hog, occasionally with company. He wore a black leather jacket with a wide-brimmed hat, and his close friends called him "Bake". In his youth, some say he was as smooth as the bourbon he crafted. And as a 5th generation Beam, that bourbon ran in his blood. The Clermont distillery was his baby, and he knew the property like the black of his hand. When he retired, his cousin Booker Noe created Baker's Bourbon in his honor, inspired by his passion for bourbon and his maverick nature.

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Baker has always believed that the ideal bourbon is made according to three fundamental rules: First, it's aged at least seven years to extract the notes of vanilla trapped within the charred oak. Second, a great bourbon carries substantial flavor. And third, when he tries it, he better like it. These rules might seem simple, but they make for one hell of a bourbon. And today, inspired by the living legend that is Baker Beam, we craft every barrel of this exquisite, 7-year, 107-proof, single-barrel bourbon with thease things in mind.

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