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Alright, let’s drink some bourbon.

Cocktail with Baker's Bourbon

To experience every little nuance of this big, bold, full-bodied bourbon, try it neat or on the rocks. But if you’re in the mood for a cocktail, well, we’ve got a few of those that really show off the substantial flavors of Baker’s.

Cocktail mixing tools surrounding a Midnight Manhattan on a dark surface

Midnight Manhattan

Baker has always been a night owl. In high school he worked at the Beam distillery as a nightwatchman before working his way up to night-shift supervisor. It’s only right that this cocktail is a tribute to his favorite time of day – night.

Cocktail mixing tools surrounding a Boulevardier on a dark surface

Baker’s Boulevardier

Loosely translated, boulevardier means “man about town.” And Baker’s always been a man on the move. He loved driving big trucks, and at one point even had his own trucking company.

Cocktail mixing tools surrounding a Brown Derby on a dark surface

Brown Derby

The hat makes the man. And when Baker was working, it was rare to catch him without his signature, wide-brimmed hat. But after work, it was hats off and glasses up.

Cocktail mixing tools surrounding a Lion's Tail on a dark surface

Lion’s Tail

Baker was born in 1936. This classic cocktail dates back to 1937. We’d call it a coincidence, but Baker doesn’t believe in those.

Want to get your hands on a bottle?

Bottle of Baker's Bourbon

Good thinking. Let’s find a bottle near you, so you can experience Baker’s Single-Barrel Journey. And you know what they say about bottles of single barrel bourbon? Always pick up two.